Sean Avery's Vogue Internship: In Which He Doesn't Always Have to Wear a Shirt

Have you been following the course of Sean Avery’s career? Not with the National Hockey League but in his betweentimes internship at Vogue?

Well, Men’s Vogue has. On their web site, Mr. Avery gets a byline for telling readers what it’s like to be a hockey player who likes to play dress-up:

I don’t watch sports. I don’t read about sports. Generally, other than spending a lot of time in dressing rooms both at home and on the road, I don’t hang out with other athletes. Over breakfast in hotels when the Rangers are on the road, I read the Style section in The New York Times. Some people question whether I’m straight; others give me compliments. Some women find it a turn-on. My teammates are very supportive and cool about my interest in fashion — sometimes they even ask for my advice on what to wear.

Or what not to wear if you want to get ahead in the Conde Nast building! In addition to Mr. Avery’s life on the margins of sports and fashion, they’ve published this slide show (from which the photo above is taken), which is only one of three in which he is not wearing a shirt, which kind of reminds us of those narrative Playgirl photo-essays, only the last several frames are missing.