Shaheen Likes Clinton and Also Obama, and So Does Governor Lynch

More from Niall:

Jeanne Shaheen has just appeared. She said that “divine intervention” produced a tied vote (107 votes each) between Clinton and Obama here in Unity.

She congratulated herself for maintaining neutrality during primary and also claimed solidarity with Hillary Clinton in frustration over press coverage concerning “what you’re wearing or what your hairstyle is.” Hillary, she said, is “a trailblazer who makes us all proud.” Obama is “our amazing Democratic nominee.”


New Hampshire Governor John Lynch stepped up and asked the crowd if they want a president who will improve health care, change the ways of Washington, provide better education and unite all of us.

They do!

Lynch promises to “work tirelessly” to elect Obama, then leaves the stage to strains of Brooks and Dunn’s “Only in America” — which your correspondent can exclusively reveal as the only song he has heard played at Obama, Clinton and McCain rallies this year.

Also: Maureen Dowd is wearing an aquamarine singlet and Late Show baseball cap combo.


Dowd’s top is I guess more standard sleeveless than singlet, though I am not exactly sure where the dividing line is.