Slideshow: The New York Times Building, Under (Re)-Construction

Photos by Gloria Ybarra

We got a tour of 229 West 43rd Street, the headquarters of The New York Times from 1913 until June 9, 2007, when the paper was written and edited in the building for the last time. The Times moved its operations to a new tower nearby at Eighth Avenue and 43rd Street.

The 500,000-square-foot building is being gut renovated by its owner, an investment company controlled by billionaire Lev Leviev, and marketed for leasing by brokerage CB Richard Ellis.

The photo of the gaping space with the yellow 150 sign is the old basement, where the paper was printed. There’s also a photo of the 11th floor (that’s basically all white), where the phone switchboard used to be. And a photo of renovated windows; and of the old wood-paneled boardroom.

We’re tempted to wax poetic about the impermanence of … something? But we won’t.

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Slideshow: The New York Times Building, Under (Re)-Construction