Stephen Colbert Gets 'Vanity' Award From Princeton

Today marks the 261st commencement ceremony at Princeton University. Yesterday marked the day the esteemed Ivy gave an award to Stephen Colbert.

The Associated Press reports that Mr. Colbert was presented with “The Great Princeton Class of 2008 Understandable Vanity Award,” which was mounted on a mirror, during the university’s annual Class Day festivities yesterday in front of an area of the school where George Washington defeated the British in the Battle of Princeton.

“I have to say, I’ve never seen anything more beautiful,” the zany faux-news host told 2,611 soon-to-be grads.

Of course Mr. Colbert, who lives in Montclair, N.J., never quite steps out of character. He told the students: “You can change the world. Please don’t do that, OK? Some of us like the way things are going now.”

Aren’t people like Maya Angelou supposed to speak at these things?

Stephen Colbert Gets 'Vanity' Award From Princeton