The Morning Read: Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Barack Obama is celebrating the last of the primary contests in St. Paul tonight, while Hillary Clinton heads to New York.

Terry McAuliffe tells the Today show that Clinton will call Obama to congratulate him if he gets enough delegates to win the nomination today.

R.C.P. thinks that’s unlikely, but possible, and notes Obama already got two superdelegates this morning.

Superdelegates are super relieved.

The Washington Post feels strongly that Clinton can’t claim the popular vote victory.

Bill Clinton calls the author of a Vanity Fair article “sleazy” and a “scumbag,” then apologizes for the language.

The Telegraph is reporting that the Democratic campaigns are negotiating to pay off Clinton‘s debt.

Eugene Robinson provides the soundtrack.

Bob Herbert unhappily wonders, “Can the Democrats still get their act together?”

Michael Goodwin has advice for Hillary Clinton: “In the plainest English possible, she must promise that she is unconditionally accepting the fact that Obama has won the nomination, fair and square.”

The New York Sun’s editorial board writes, “If we were a Democratic superdelegate, however, we’d feel quite comfortable this morning throwing in our lot with Mrs. Clinton.”

There’s a special election in Queens today.

An actuary paid by unions underestimated by $500 million the cost of various pension-enhancing bills considered by lawmakers.

Tom Suozzi’s commission will recommend capping property tax increases at just four percent per year.

Suozzi makes his case in an op-ed.

Bill Hammond wants David Paterson to campaign for Suozzi’s cap.

If he does, it’ll be his first major clash with Democratic lawmakers.

One of Eliot Spitzer’s legal foes, Dick Grasso, may prevail in court after all.

The New York Post editorial board isn’t happy with David Soares.

A gun dealer backed out of his a lawsuit with Michael Bloomberg, citing the financial hardship of a lengthy trial.

Verizon owes the city about $3 million in fines.

Bob Kappstatter can’t wait for the Bronx Democratic County dinner on July 24.

Jimmy Vacca doesn’t like high gas prices.

A former city official is now overseeing the heliport near Wall Street.

Smoking just got a lot more expensive.

Frank Padavan’s bill to increase penalties for not picking up after pets passed the State Senate.

Since George Oros is not running for Congress, Kieran Lalor is free to take on the incumbent Democrat.

Campaigning in Russia is really hard.

Al Baker discovers where illegal guns go once they’re seized.

And Bloomberg learned a thing or two from a fourth grader.

The Morning Read: Tuesday, June 3, 2008