The Morning Read: Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Joe Bruno announced his retirement shortly after the F.B.I. seized tons of his paperwork from the capitol.

Bruno’s lawyers asked prosecutors if his stepping down would affect their investigation, reports Ken Lovett.

It won’t.

Nicholas Confessore details Bruno’s showmanship.

Bruno’s replacement comes out of “the legendary” Nassau Republican political machine, which spends a lot money and is known for “fierce discipline.”

Newsday has a take on Skelos here.

Assemblyman Jeff Aubry said the “personal relationship between Skelos and Shelly [Silver] is going to be more edgy, that’s for sure.”

Skelos will focus on taxes.

Amid all the Bruno fuss yesterday, a lot of legislation was passed.

The New York Times editorial board hopes Bruno’s departure leads to more reform.

Michael Goodwin wants Albany to be a two-party town.

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle misses Bruno.

Jay Gallagher says Bruno’s retirement is bad for upstate New York.

Budget talks between the mayor and the City Council aren’t going too well.

They’re fighting over property taxes.

Michael Bloomberg reportedly had dinner with Shaq.

There are more charges for the Kendall Stewart’s staffers who were indicted–prosecutors now say they controlled the purse strings of three charities, not just one.

Each are accused of taking more than $20,000 in public money intended for local nonprofit groups.

City lawyers say about 30 percent of 9/11 rescue workers suing the city aren’t that sick.

Sanitation workers can now wear shorts.

A national poll from the L.A. Times and Bloomberg shows Barack Obama leading John McCain 48-33.

Celebrities love Obama.

Obama took the cover of Rolling Stone for the second time.

Obama is targeting 15 states that George W. Bush won in 2004, and devoting resources to some states he thinks he can’t win.

McCain’s New York headquarters will be in New Jersey.

The Justice Department’s inspector general criticized the “political or ideological” factors in the agency’s hiring practices.

And The New York Times political editor is taking your questions.

The Morning Read: Wednesday, June 25, 2008