World's First Spinning Skyscraper to Have Plaza Launch

dynamicarchitecturebuilding World's First Spinning Skyscraper to Have Plaza LaunchThe first spinning skyscraper with individually rotating floors will soon rise on the increasingly crowded shores of Dubai, alongside the world’s tallest building "the Burj" (tower in Arabic), the only full-sized indoor ski-slope, and countless other man-made construction marvels or monstrosities, depending on your perspective.

The neighboring, rival emirate, Abu Dhabi, announced plans for two rotating buildings before Dubai unveiled plans for the Dynamic Architecture building, but this is the first tower whose floors will twist separately (unnoticed by occupants), changing its appearance every five minutes. More importantly, the Dynamic Architecture building is also the first luxury building to be produced almost entirely in a factory, apart from the concrete core, according to the Web site. (An idea for New York, perhaps?)

About 90 percent of the 78-story condo, hotel and office tower will be assembled at a nearby factory, reducing the number of workers needed from 2,000 to 90 and construction time from 30 to 18 months. Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher announced plans for the building in April 2007. It’s expected to cost an estimated $350 million. Each donut-shaped floor will be made of pre-fabricated luxury units that will make a full rotation every 90 minutes.

A construction schedule has not been announced, but on June 24, the green building will have a New York launch at the Plaza.

Like everything else in Dubai, the project is nothing if not ambitious as the seven-minute promotional video shows.

Images of Stone Hedge, the Pyramids, the Coliseum, the Eiffel Tower, and the Empire State Building flash on the screen to the thumping 2001: A Space Odyssey score, before a rendering of the Dynamic Architecture building appears, with units switching positions like a rectangular rubix cube.

Buddha Bar-style elevator music makes way for a British inflected narration of the building’s contribution to world architecture and history, and, of course, a list of the many luxury amenities offered. For instance, you can have “breakfast facing the sunrise and dinner watching the sunset over the ocean without leaving your room.”