40/40 Club's Manager Will Lock You Up

Last month, Celeste Williams, a former waitress at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club filed a class-action suit claiming that the Chelsea club failed to pay overtime or even minimum wage to its employees. And earlier this month, the New York Post reported that a Manhattan judge ordered the rapper to hand over records of all employees over the last three years to see just which of the clubs employees may have been mistreated.

But now, the Post is reporting that the club’s general manager, Desiree Gonzalez is trying to cover up information, threatening several employees not to take part in the lawsuit or else.

Ms. Gonzalez reportedly told one employee that she would “fuck up his tax life” if he chose to participate in the suit. She allegedly threatened another by saying she would “lock him up” if he didn’t sign a release from the suit, although it is not clear where exactly she planned to lock him up.

Whether she was acting out of her own to protect the club from bad press or she was encouraged to dispense threats is unclear.