Basil Smikle Goes to Weiner for Mayoral, Nominates Ledger for 'Joker' Performance

Anthony Weiner’s 2009 campaign sent a press release with a new contact person: Basil Smikle.

“Basically, right now, I’m sort of one of the few people involved in helping him with his overall strategy and with the folks on the ground,” Smikle told me.

Smikle is a motorcycle-riding, African-American political consultant who nearly joined Weiner in 2005. “In the last campaign, I was neutral for a while, and he and I talked around the primary time and I said I would certainly like to work with him if he got that 40 percent. And he came just short of that.”

He said he has spoken to Weiner “quite a bit since then.”

Basil, whose fees weren’t listed in Weiner’s latest campaign finance report , said he just submitted his invoice to the campaign and that it will probably show up in the next filing.

When asked if there was anything else people should know about him, Smikle sent this note over on instant messenger:

“hey, you can also say that I def think Ledger should win an oscar for the Joker. That was a great performance.”