Bolton on McCain’s Foreign Policy, Port Authority Turns to Ground Zero

John Bolton questions John McCain’s foreign policy plan, particularly his push for the League of Democracies and call to kick Russia out of the G-8. [Washington Wire]

Barack Obama is making a big show on the domestic front today: meeting with Ben Bernanke, talking by phone with Henry Paulson, meeting with the prime minister of Pakistan, and speaking to the House Democratic Caucus. [A.P.]

After McCain’s latest comments on technology, Chris Orr calls him President Grandpa Simpson, and not without reason.[The Plank]

Jeff Zeleny clarifies what really happened with Obama’s canceled troop visit. [N.Y. Times]

The Port Authority chair is instituting monthly meetings on nothing but the progress at Ground Zero. [City Room]

Hillary Clinton is raffling off dinner with herself and a few lucky contributors–$5 donation gets a supporter entered in the contest. [Daily Politics]