Calvin Klein, We Presume? Fashionable Foursome in Freaky Jungle Frolic

Since July 13, a steely group of distinguished New York fashionistas—clothing empress Donna Karan, newly appointed Vanity Fair editors Ingrid Sischy and Sandra Brant, and underwear genius Calvin Klein—have been traipsing through the deserts and jungles of Africa.

Longtime partners Ms. Sischy and Ms. Brant are old friends with Ms. Karan. Mr. Klein, 65, is a new addition to the BFF posse.

The foursome will be returning at the beginning of August, and the three-week luxury excursion will explore Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya and Botswana.

“[Ms. Karan] said the final leg of the trip will be in the jungle,” said the source.

Ms. Karan has been telling friends that the trip is part pleasure and part quest for inspiration for her new store and collection Urban Zen, which sells high-end organic clothes, furniture and knickknacks.

“As far as I understand, it’s a personal trip that they’re on,” said Ms. Karan’s spokesperson Deborah Hughes. Urban Zen has stores in Sag Harbor and Sun Valley and will open another in Los Angeles soon.

Another source tells the Transom that Ms. Sischy and her trademark clunky glasses almost didn’t get to come along. “I’m surprised that Ingrid actually made it because she had a problem with her retina,” this source said. “She had to fly in late after getting it fixed.”