Elsewhere: Ted Kennedy Returns, Edwards Visits de Blasio

canvassing Elsewhere: Ted Kennedy Returns, Edwards Visits de BlasioTed Kennedy made a surprise appearance at the Senate, and received a standing ovation.

By holding his convention speech at the Denver arena, Barack Obama is risking setting expectations too high, writes Jonathan Alter.

Congressional Quarterly changed its rating for the upstate congressional district represented by the retiring Jim Walsh to "leans Democrat."

John McCain calls late-term abortions "one of the most odious things I’ve ever heard of."

A Rockland County blogger is highly skeptical of McCain’s take on Social Security.

Obama referenced Nouri al-Maliki’s call for a timed withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

A Daily Kos diarist takes note of Dave Chappelle‘s appearance for "longshot" candidate Kevin Powell.

As Jesse Ventura returns, so do lots of wrestling metaphors.

HillPAC has been reinstated.

Liz breaks down the U.F.T. endorsements, including one that came very early.

Tom Wrobleski thinks Chuck Schumer is ahead of the curve among Democrats in supporting expanded domestic oil drilling.

John Edwards spent some time with Bill de Blasio.

Irene Jay Liu nerds out with a spreadsheet of State Senate candidates.

Choire admires a remarkable moment in deadline reporting from Sewell Chan’s write-up of the latest New York Times climber.

Representative Rob Andrews, who lost a primary challenge earlier this year to Frank Lautenberg, insists he’s not running for reelection to his House seat.

In the comments section, Larry Littlefield says he thinks getting wiped out of power is the best thing that could happen to New York Republicans.

Abu Dhabi now owns 75 percent of the Chrysler Building.