Gotham Award-Winning Scribe Called in to Rewrite Napoleon Dynamite's Return

Okay, so it’s not exactly Napoleon Dynamite II. But Jon Heder’s next comedy Loudermilk will cater to the same crowd and feature Mr. Heder as a similar “oddball” character. Only this time the loveable loser will somehow get superpowers through chemical contamination. Kinda like when Alex Mack got stuck in that green goo and then she was able to morph into liquid and zap people?

Anyway, Jon and his brothers Dan and Doug are producing the movie but needed the pitch (sent by Chris Bowman) to be scripted. They recently announced that Craig Zobel, the co-writer and director of Best Film at the 2007 Gotham Awards, Great World of Sound. Mr. Zobel also won the best director award at the festival.

Doug Heder told the Hollywood Reporter: “What’s so cool about Craig is that his first film, ‘Great World of Sound,’ has this very cinema-verite style, and we want to bring that style into ‘Loudermilk.’ We want this to feel very real, even though it has a fantasy element to it.”

We might not be able to stomach the “Vote for Pedro” t-shirt wearing masses returning to the theater for this one, but if there’s a dancing scene featuring an almost-forgotten one-hit wonder single in Loudermilk, we just might watch it.