Times Takes a New York Press Story and Runs With It–Without Attribution

On Tuesday, The New York Press ran a short item on its web site reporting that had a strike involving Village Voice staffers had been averted. It was a small story, but the Press owned it from start to finish. Today, The New York Times ran a brief in its Arts section.

Here’s a quote from Voice-legend Tom Robbins in the brief:

“We got a deal 3 o’clock this morning,” said Tom Robbins, a Voice columnist and shop steward for the United Auto Workers Local 2110. “We won a good victory for unions… We had a celebratory drink of a little Scotch and then went home.”

The problem is the Press had that same quote, and there was no attribution crediting them. Catherine Mathis, spokeswoman for the Times said that the Press attribution “fell out” during the editing process. “They should have been credited for their reporting,” she wrote in an e-mail. “It has been fixed online and we will submit a For the Record correction to the paper tonight.”