Wall Street Journal: ‘The goal is fewer editors, more reporters’

A story in the North Brunswick Sentinel has some valuable updates on the job cuts that are going down at The Wall Street Journal.

Bob Christie, spokesman for The Journal, tells the Sentinel that The Journal will cut 39 jobs from its South Brunswick office, and relocate 11 people to the paper’s office in Manhattan (so the ’50’ number we were all using is a bit off). The 39 who are getting the ax will have a chance to “apply” for positions in New York. The majority of those people were from “the pagination desk and the copyediting desk,” he said.

Mr. Christie also concretely lays out the new philosophy of The Journal that we’ve all been interpreting for a few months: Who needs editors?

“The goal is fewer editors, more reporters,” Christie said. “We want to print what the readers want, and that’s more stories.”

Don’t worry, there are other jobs out there for editors.