Jack White, Alicia Keys Get on New Bond Movie Soundtrack

Quantum of Solace, the James Bond film set for a November 7 New York release, is a story, like most Bond movies, of “treachery, murder, and deceit,” according to the 007 website. The film’s producers, Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, proved that they know a thing or two about betrayal when they declined to deal drug-addled Amy Winehouse an offer to create the theme song. After extensive speculation that the job was hers, it has instead been handed to the far cleaner duo of multi-Emmy winners Jack White and Alicia Keys.

Their collaboration on this 22nd of Bond movies will mark the first time the cinematic franchise uses multiple artists for its theme song. And if the seemingly random team lacks in chemistry, the title of its brainchild – “Another Way to Die” – gives promise that it won’t lack in morbidity. Mr. White, half of the celebrated alt-rock band The White Stripes, provided lyrics, production, and drumming to the song. Soulful piano player and crooner Ms. Keys, creator of songs such as “Rock wit U”, “Butterflyz”, and “My Boo”,provided the beautiful voice.