Jon Friedman Hot For New Nation Sex Column: ‘Get it? Wink, Wink … Smirk, Smirk’

Another week, another fabulous Media Web Minute from MarketWatch’s ace media critic Jon Friedman.

In this episode, a smirking, almost laughing Mr. Friedman plugs The Nation‘s new “Carnal Knowledge” sex and politics column (“Get it? Wink, wink… Smirk, smirk,” Mr. Friedman says of the name), praising it as “a good idea… It makes a lot of sense.” Mr. Friedman to neglects to mention the column’s author, JoAnn Wypijewski (“Think Maureen Dowd meets Anna Quindlen,” per Mr. Friedman), whom he interviews in the accompanying column. Then again, the video is only a minute.