Lady Bunny To Save Kentucky Fried Chickens

Lady Bunny has joined with PETA to protest KFC’s treatment of chickens, according to the organization’s blog.

The nightlife Queen appears on a billboard at the intersection of Varick and Houston streets showing Ms. Bunny holding a bucket of KFC with the printed lettering, “Sometimes Big Bright Packages Contain Dirty Little Secrets.”

On her website, Ms. Bunny writes, “I’ve always wanted to see my mug on a billboard—at least my fat country ass ain’t selling KFC!”

“I didn’t quite understand the slogan ‘Sometimes Big Bright Packages Contain Dirty Secrets,'” she continues. “But I guess it’s either a reference to the fact that I have cooties under my wig or that a have a dirty little penis which I’m concealing. (Both are true.)”

Ms. Bunny joins Pamela Anderson and Al Sharpton in supporting the campaign, “Kentucky Fried Cruelty.”

[Via Gothamist]