Lorne Michaels Has a Stalker

michaels072308 Lorne Michaels Has a StalkerAccording to The New York Post, Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels has a stalker.

Evan Pidhajecky, a 31-year-old Long Island resident, didn’t send Mr. Michaels love letters or threaten to commit suicide as Uma Thurman’s personal stalker did earlier this year. Rather, he just wanted the SNL producer to admit that he had stolen his material for the show.

In a letter sent to Mr. Michaels in December, Mr. Pidhajecky claimed that Mr. Michaels overheard his private "conversations, singing and/or other utterances" and used it for the show without his permission. To make his case, Mr. Pidhajecky repeatedly called Mr. Michaels at his office and his home asking for a "chat." When the producer didn’t respond, Mr. Pidhajecky started paying visits to Mr. Michaels’ Central Park South apartment building.

Last week, Manhattan Judge Marc Whiten refused to dismiss the charges against Mr. Pidhajecky, stating that his purpose in contacting Mr. Michaels was not legit and that "Lorne Michaels had ample reason to be in fear."

Mr. Pidhajecky, who is being charged with stalking and resisting arrest, is scheduled to be back in court next week.


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