McCain, Obama Coming to a Comic Book Store Near You

If, by the time of November’s presidential election, you still don’t know much about the candidates—that Barack Obama is a former community organizer who isn’t afraid to rock out to some Bruce on his iPod, that John McCain was a tortured P.O.W. in Vietnam who ditched his first wife, once a swimsuit model, after she put on some pounds following a serious car crash—you might want to pick up a book and learn a little bit about the man who will rule your universe for the next four years. A comic book that is! Indeed, the Associated Press reports that the San Diego-based IDW Publishing (Transformers!) will release biographical comics that “purport to tell McCain and Obama’s life stories, independently researched and illustrated by a veteran team of writers and artists.” But a controversial New Yorker cover these comic books are not. IDW special projects editor Scott Dunbier, who noted that neither campaign had a hand in the features, told the AP, “We’re not doing anything that is sensational here. We’re sticking to the facts.”