NRCC criticizes Stender on Rangel support

National Republicans hit 7th District Democratic congressional candidate Linda Stender in a press release issued last night for being willing accept donations from Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.)

“Charlie Rangel, the powerful Ways and Means Committee chairman who pushed $683 billion in tax hikes through Congress is already making a down payment on Linda Stender’s support for more tax-and-spend big-government initiatives,” read the release, issued by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Stender is among 10 Democratic candidates who stand to benefit from a joint fundraising entity Rangel is setting up. Today she began airing two television ads on every cable carrier in the 7th District, with one featured her speaking from a family-owned floral shop, and another talking chronicling her first council run in Fanwood.

Stender, an Assemblywoman, is facing off against Republican State Sen. Leonard Lance in the November general election.

“Taking money from Washington’s most notorious tax hiker hardly screams ‘change’ and certainly doesn’t represent the best interests of the voters in New Jersey,” said NRCC spokesman Ken Spain.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokeswoman Carrie James called the attack a smokescreen.

"It's outrageous that National Republicans would attack Chairman Rangel's long record of protecting social security and Medicare for millions of seniors and tax cuts for middle class families,” she said. “This just goes to show how low national Republicans will stoop to distract from their attempts to privatize social security and protect the failed economic polices of the Bush Administration."