Rapfogel's Salary

Recently, I wrote about the (legal and normal) process by which some politically connected nonprofits continue to get a good deal of money in City Council-distributed member items.

In the comments section on that post, a vigorous discussion ensued about the size of the salary earned by executive director William Rapfogel of the not-for-profit Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, which got $500,000 in member items this year.

For the record: he makes a lot of money by non-profit-world standards, but not quite as much as some commenters guessed.

According to Rapfogel, who I talked to on the phone just now, his current salary is $379,000, which squares with the number in the group’s 2005-2006 tax filing, the most recent one available online.

This is the first batch of member items to go through a new, more rigorous vetting process.

Rapfogel's Salary