Report: Fox Business Network Averaging Just 8,000 Daytime Viewers; 20,000 Prime Time

On Saturday, The Washington Post‘s Howard Kurtz got his hands on a new set of Nielsen numbers for the Fox Business Network. How’s Rupert Murdoch’s fledgling cable business-news network doing?

According to Mr. Kurtz the numbers to date remain far behind competitor CNBC.

“Fox News executives knew it would be a long, uphill battle to challenge CNBC when they launched a new business channel last October — and new ratings confirm that they are right,” writes Mr. Kurtz.

More from the article:

For the first three weeks of July, according to Nielsen figures obtained yesterday that have not been publicly released, Fox Business Network is averaging just 8,000 viewers during daytime hours, and 20,000 in prime time.

CNBC, by contrast, is drawing an average of 284,000 viewers during the day and 191,000 in prime time.

So, what’s the next move, Rupert?