Sacco Shockeroo! Golden-Haired Giantess Lacks All-Access Pass to New York Nightlife

Nightlife’s Amy Sacco, the blond, towering tsarina of Lot 61 and Bungalow 8, claims she often gets turned away from rival clubs. “But I just walk away,” Ms. Sacco told the Transom at the Monday, July 14, premiere of The Doorman, a “scripted documentary” about the powerful rulers of that oligarchy known as the meatpacking district, in which she appears along with actor and director Peter Bogdanovich, People’s Revolution flack Kelly Cutrone and photographer Patrick McMullan. “I would never threaten their job,” Ms. Sacco said of the velvet ropes’ guardians. “I feel for them!”

She described how someone seeking entry to one of her exclusive boîtes “told me this elaborate story of how they knew my mother, who lives in Chatham, N.J. I knew they were lying, but they were so creative about it that I had to let them in!”

Co-written by Wayne Price and Argentinian actor Lucas Akoskin and directed by Mr. Price, the film features the Plaza Hotel Rose Club’s Fabrizio Brienza, who arrived wearing a string of rosary beads over his tanned, hairy chest. “I tell them it’s not going to happen,” he said, describing doomed aspirants to his domain. “But then for hours they have to create confusion and commotion, and they want to fight me!”

What advice would Mr. Brienza give to an aspiring doorman?

“You have to look good,” he said. “If the doorman looks like shit, then I automatically think that everyone else in the club will look like shit. And why would I want to go there, eh?”