S.A.G. Seeks More Talks, Strike Talk Continues

Variety reports that Hollywood is still on hold until the Screen Actors Guild and the studios make their decisions.

Meanwhile the magazine reports on an ad aimed at guild members published by S.A.G. in today’s Daily Variety: “Our industry does have a clear choice: a fair labor agreement for middle-class actors and their families … or more management grandstanding. Support your Screen Actors Guild’s national negotiating committee as it works every day for a fair deal as soon as possible for actors. Let’s keep talking.”

Spokesman Jesse Hiestand of The Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers, which used the “clear choice” headline in a recent ad of its own, responded to the ad thusly, speaking to the Variety reporter: “Now, even after 42 days of formal AMPTP-SAG negotiations, SAG’s Hollywood leadership remains incapable of closing the deal. …  The stalling tactics of SAG’s Hollywood leadership are exacting an ever-greater toll on the workers and businesses that rely on the entertainment industry.”