Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick Make Nice for the Cameras

Last week, Star reported that Matthew Broderick was cheating on wife Sarah Jessica Parker with a 25-year-old redhead, whom he wasn’t very nice to. (It hurts us to discuss the sordid details; read them only if you must.)

And last night, presumably in an effort to appear as though everything in their relationship was just peachy, the couple made an outing to midtown looking very much together, according to the Daily Mail. Ms. Parker and Mr. Broderick, who are often described as a “private couple,” walked out of a Chinese restaurant (could it have been Szechuan Gourmet, recently given two stars by Frank Bruni in the Times?), smiling for photos and walking arm in arm.

According to anonymous “sources” quoted in the Daily Mail, the couple have been living separate lives and has only stayed together for their son. “Sarah and Matthew have been struggling for years. Now they have decided to make things work – especially for the sake of their son, James,” added the “source.”

“They have never had a conventional marriage, but it works for the two of them. Sure, they fight like other couples but they love each other and their little boy,” said another unnamed source. “They are so private and hate all this silly gossip.”