Slow News Round-Up: Wherein Nothing Happens Besides Gisele's Ripped Clothes and Tim Gunn's Roller Coaster Ride

Wow, is it ever slow out there. It’s almost like nothing is happening at all. Except for this: 

Gossip Girl‘s Chase Crawford likes to give his fans hugs. [Daily Intel]

In other GG news, Blake Lively says there’s no real kissing on the show: “it’s just an open mouth. Your lips are touching each other, but there’s definitely no kissing.” [

A wild animal tore Gisele Bündchen’s denim outfit into shreds, but she decided to wear it anyway on the cover of V magazine. [The Cut]

Alex Rodriguez talks to The Insider’s Pat O’Brian about his personal life, says “everyone has distractions,” and he is no exception. [HuffPo]

Meanwhile, Cynthia Rodriguez suspects her husband is tapping her phone lines and having private detectives follow her around. [AP]

Miley Cyrus would like to do a “younger, cleaner, version of Sex and the City.” [Us Weekly]

Tabloids are tripping over each other, offering up tp $12 million for photos of the Jolie-Pitt twins. Too bad they will probably go to the Nice-Matin. [NY Daily News]

Tim Gunn says the next season of Project Runway will be a “roller coaster ride” that will make the fans very mad. “I can only imagine how the blogs are going to explode over some of the challenge winners. We say that each season has a different DNA and boy, is that true.” []