Trunzo Challenger Dahroug Gets Support From Progressive Groups

Intern Bharat Ayyar, who has been going through the finance reports of a few key legislative races, looked at the Democratic contest to face Republican State Senator Caesar Trunzo, and found that the liberal-activist favorite Jimmy Dahroug has raised more (with the help of Howard Dean-inspired Democracy for America) but Brian Foley has more money on hand.

Here’s how much they each have, according to July 15 filings with the State Board of Elections:

Jimmy Dahroug–$83,682.04

Brian Foley–$167,857.26

Among the transactions:

$1,692.50 went to Dahroug via the liberal activist groups Act Blue and Democracy for America. Dahroug is relying heavily on the support of those organizations.

Foley transferred $130,527.47 to this campaign account from his the account he used for his successful bid to be Brookhaven Town Supervisor.