Wednesday, July 16th

Liam Neeson in the flesh? We’ll take two, please! The blue-eyed Paddy performs Beckett’s Eh Joe, one of three short one-man Beckett works in Lincoln Center Gate/Beckett Festival, imported for our theatrical stimulation from the Gate Theater of Dublin. (Ralph Fiennes will be in First Love later this week; is Lincoln Center trying to make us crazy?). In Eh Joe, Mr. Neeson will sit silently while a woman’s disembodied voice narrates his character’s painful memories. Probably sort of like when he gets yelled at by Natasha Richardson for not doing the dishes.


[Eh Joe, part of the Gate/Beckett festival at the Lincoln Center, Rose Theater, 33 West 60th Street, 7 p.m.,]


—Additional reporting by Caroline Bankoff, Louise McCready, Sara Vilkomerson and Gillian Reagan