ABC News’ Charlie Gibson to Anchor ‘World News’ from New Orleans

Tonight, ABC News’ Charlie Gibson will be anchoring World News from New Orleans.  George Stephanopoulos will head up the network’s convention coverage from St. Paul.  

More from ABC News’ press release:

ABC News will continue to report from the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, MN.  “This Week” host and Chief Washington Correspondent, George Stephanopoulos, will anchor and report from the RNC and ABC News correspondent David Wright — who has been covering the McCain campaign for ABC News — will continue to report from the trail for all ABC News broadcasts and platforms.

On Monday, September 1, “GMA” weather and news anchors, Sam Champion and Chris Cuomo, will bring morning viewers reports on Hurricane Gustav and the damage and destruction that Hurricane Gustav is expected to bring to
the Gulf Coast area during the morning broadcast.  In addition to reports on the ground, co-anchors Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts will anchor the morning Labor Day broadcast from Times Square Studios in New York.

ABC News will have complete coverage from throughout New Orleans, Mississippi, Texas and Florida regions with reports from ABC News anchors and correspondents, including: Bill Weir, Dan Harris, David Kerley, Jeffrey Kofman, Terry McCarthy, Steve Osunsami, Barbara Pinto, and Mike von Fremd.

“Nightline” co-anchor, Terry Moran, will also anchor the evening news broadcast live from New Orleans with reports on the storm’s latest developments.