Anti-50-State Strategy

Barack Obama’s fund-raising and registration drive has caught the attention of the Republican opposition.

The R.N.C. is sending mail soliciting donations of $100 for a “Two-Month Emergency Pledge” to help John McCain. Saying the next two months will determine the winner of the election, the mail comes with a letter from McCain, who writes “The Obama Democrats have launched a massive 50-state registration drive which will result directly in dramatically increasing Democrat voter turnout on November 4th.

“With enormous fundraising resources at their disposal – including wealthy special interests, Big Labor, and unregulated “527” soft-money groups – they have already registered more than 200,000 new Democrats in Pennsylvania, more than 165,000 in North Carolina, and more than 150,000 in Indiana.”

He continues,  “Make no mistake: If the Obama  Democrats succeed in gaining total control of Washington in November, they will instantly move to raise your taxes, expand the federal government, socialize medicine, appoint liberal judges,  and retreat from Iraq.”