Brushing Aside ‘Nostalgia,’ Wenner’s Rolling Stone Will Reformat

On Octobser 17th Rolling Stone will be 8-by-11 inches instead of 10-by-11 3/4 inches, The Times’ Richard Pérez-Peña reports today.

Last month, when we reported that the magazine was considering a redesign, we asked a few people on the street what they thought. “I’d feel less cool reading the new one,” said one young guy on his uptown ride on the 4 train. “It just seems like it would be a Fortune or a Newsweek.”

What does Jann Wenner have to say about that to The Times? “All you’re getting from that large size is nostalgia,” he said.

You hear that, subway guy? Jann Wenner says you’re living in the past.