Christie Brinkley Is Not Going to Talk About That

On Sunday, August 3, Christie Brinkley hosted a Wild Wild West Carnival in Watermill to benefit the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

While waiting for Ms. Brinkley’s arrival, the crowd, a mix of guests and reporters, gathered by stacks of hay put out to be the background for Ms. Brinkley’s photo ops. Chatter about the former model’s recent divorce from husband Peter Cook was in the air: “I don’t know what I would have done, to be publicly embarrassed like that? No, uh-uh,” said one guest. “I really hope she looks good when she shows up, I don’t want to write a story about how shitty Christie Brinkley looks post-divorce,” said a reporter. Us neither!

Ms. Brinkley finally arrived looking mighty well, wearing a white summer dress, cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and a turquoise cashmere sweater. She joked around with the photographers, throwing her head back and simulating a laugh, playing with her hat like a cheerleading prop, She even threw her leg up on a stack of hay; hello, ’80s nudie calendar!

But by the time Ms. Brinkley got around to taking questions, everyone was suddenly timid. Was she seeing anyone? No comment. How does she manage to look so great? She uses her Total Gym, which she has exhaustively promoted in infomercials.

We thought we might be able to get a less guarded version of Ms. Brinkley by asking what was the first relaxing thing she did after winning the trial.

“Oh I’m not going to talk to about that,” she said. “I’m just so glad to get back to events like these that are so fulfilling.”

So you relax by dressing up in cowgirl gear and talking to reporters while sitting on a stack of hay, the Daily Transom wondered?

“That, to me, is most fulfilling,” she said.

We wondered if there was anything she might like to do for fun this summer.

“I love the Wild West so I just have this craving to get out there and ride a horse and swim in a waterfall!” she said.

Then someone asked if she might take her youngest children, Jack and Sailor, to see the Jonas Brothers next weekend. Ms. Brinkley suddenly lost her wide smile. “No, it’s not my weekend.”

Christie Brinkley Is Not Going to Talk About That