Cipriani Escapes Liquor License Fiasco

The New York Post‘s Steve Cuozzo today pleaded with state regulators not to revoke the liquor licenses of seven Cipriani restaurants and banquet halls around town:

It would…cost more than 1,000 jobs, leave our most iconic celebration spaces empty for the foreseeable future, and knock the fizz out of the city’s culture of excess – the golden goose that keeps the talent-fleeing, jobs-hemorrhaging “Empire State” afloat.

Apparently, new State Liquor Authority (S.L.A.) commissioner Jeanique Green is a big Post reader.

This morning, Ms. Green cast the deciding vote to accept a $500,000 penalty in lieu of yanking the licenses, thus allowing the Cipriani empire to stay in business.

While “it’s very difficult to overlook” Cipriani’s recent tax violations, Ms. Green explained that she was concerned about “the impact of our decision on the individuals who are working there.”

“This is unfortunate,” remarked SLA Chairman Daniel Boyle, who had streadfastedly opposed showing any leniency to the wealthy banquet behemoth.

“They can’t buy their way through the system,” Mr. Boyle had said earlier, adding that the liquor board was “not the Department of Labor” and “to disregard these charges is unbelievable.”

Believe it. The bellinis are safe. 

Cipriani Escapes Liquor License Fiasco