Coen Brothers Cast Theater Actors for Serious Roles

Michael Stuhlbarg is about to become A Serious Man for Joel and Ethan Coen. The brothers have penned a new movie and he’s going to be their star. Mr. Stuhlbarg has been a fixture on New York theater stages, receiving a Tony nomination for his role in The Pillowman and recently starring as Hamlet for the Public’s Shakespeare in the Park production this year. He’s had some bit parts on Law & Order (like every New York actor), but now he’ll get the chance to work on the big screen with the Coen brothers on their new dark comedy.

Fittingly, he’ll play the title role as Larry Gopnik, a professor in the Midwest whose wife leaves him and his socially awkward brother (played by another prime casting choice, Richard Kind) won’t move out of his house. The story take place in 1967, according to Variety. Shooting begins next month in Minneapolis.