Cops Uninterested in Reining in L.A. Paps

Yesterday, in Los Angeles, a bunch of people tried to figure out what to do about overzealous paparazzi. It’s one of those problems in L.A. that–like freeway traffic, body dysmorphia and too many struggling actors–seems to come with the territory, but the paps’ antics in the past year seem to have gotten more than the usual number of feathers ruffled, according to The New York Times. The hearing, which was convened by a city task force spearheaded by a city councilman named Dennis Zine who has been trying to pass an “anti-paparazzi” ordinance for months, attracted a number of celebrities, including Eric Roberts and John Mayer.

They did not, however, necessarily help their own case. To wit, Mr. Roberts’ comment that celebrities “name their kids after food just to have permissible food they are allowed to love in their lives.” Um, what? Then there was Mr. Mayer’s remark that it’s not so easy to get “a rock star out of bed at 8 a.m.” (Was there a rock star in the house?)

Apparently no one bothered asking Los Angeles Chief of Police William Bratton what he thought. Mr. Bratton, who did not attend the hearing, called it “a total waste of time” and noted that “since Britney started wearing clothes and behaving; Paris is out of town not bothering anybody, thank God; and, evidently, Lindsay Lohan has gone gay, we don’t seem to have much of an issue.”

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