Corsi Prepping 60-Page Defense of Obama Biography

Jerome Corsi, whose bestselling anti-Obama book, The Obama Nation, has been widely dismissed since its publication as inaccurate and misleading, has written a 60-page defense of his claims that he hopes to post on the Web site WorldNetDaily later this week. Mr. Corsi, who was one of the authors of 2004’s Unfit for Command, said in an interview today that his rebuttal will challenge, point by point, the strongly-worded “Unfit for Publication” pdf composed by the Obama campaign and posted on the Web site after Mr. Corsi’s book hit stores earlier this month. In that pdf, which clocked in at a hefty 40 pages, the Obama campaign said Mr. Corsi was a “bigoted fringe author” whose new book was “full of rehashed distortions and the same old lies” that have been circulating about Obama since he started his run for president.

Mr. Corsi said his rejoinder is currently undergoing legal review at Simon & Schuster, which published The Obama Nation through its conservative imprint Threshold Editions.

“I’m very unimpressed with the Obama rebuttal,” Mr. Corsi said, adding that he started working on his response as soon as the Obama campaign issued theirs and completed it over the weekend.