David Simon Gets Familiar Wire Faces For HBO Pilot

wire guya David Simon Gets Familiar Wire Faces For HBO PilotDavid Simon is taking some old pals from thedark streets of Baltimore to the desperate landscape of New Orleans for his new HBO pilot, Treme. Wire veterans Wendell Pierce (who played endearingly drunk, yet straight and true detective Bunk) and Clarke Peters (everybody’s favorite fatherly figure) will star in the drama following the reconstruction of Katrina-ravaged New Orleans through the eyes of its storied local musicians.

The Hollywood Reporter:

Pierce will play Antoine Batiste, an accomplished jazz trombonist who is now scratching for gigs, trying to support a live-in girlfriend and a new baby, while still carrying a torch for a failed marriage to Ladonna Batiste, the mother of his two children, who is single-handedly keeping her bar afloat. Peters will play Albert Lambreaux, a big chief of the White Feather Nation trying to bring the tribe’s members home.


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