Dear David Duchovny, Did It Have to Be Sex Addiction?

Oh David Duchovny. We’re so sad to hear the news that you have checked yourself into rehab for sex addiction. Sex addiction sounds like a totally exhausting thing to have to keep up with, and we can’t even begin to imagine how out-of-control things must have gotten to give a quote to the public about it. We know you’ve asked for respect and privacy for your wife and children (we totally love you too, Téa!), and we totally feel you on that, but here’s the thing we keep wondering. Would it or would it not be less embarrassing (and career damaging) for you and your family if you said the rehab was for some sort of drug or alcohol addiction? Something prescription (of course) and easily mended….or that old standby of ‘exhaustion’ we hear so many celebrities suffer? It just seems like such an intimate thing to admit to – and while we appreciate the honesty, it seems like it will be harder for everyone (particularly your wife) to have to answer to when you get out. Regardless, we hope you get well soon.