Denver ‘Nuggets’: Dan Balz on Reporting At the D.N.C.

In today’s paper, we talk to a whole band of reporters and editors who tell us that conventions have always been tough to cover, but this convention this year–where there’s a Google Big Tent, a Huffington Post Oasis, a campaign that prefers text messages to reporters, a demand for more web items, web videos and web-only items–is far worse!

One person we couldn’t get into the story due to deadline was legendary Postie Dan Balz and he couldn’t agree more.

“There’s little news to be had [at the convention],” he said. “I think the 24-7 news cycle that we’re in means people get little tidbits and throw that those up on their web sites. They’re news nuggets, but they’re not news. It’s treated like real news, but in reality it’s not–they’re small bites, and not a big deal. There are so many reporters that it’s challenging to even get the little stuff.”