Famous Authors’ Work Spaces on Display in NYU Mural

wharton Famous Authors Work Spaces on Display in NYU MuralPainter Elena Climent has created a 10-foot tall, 30-foot wide mural for New York University’s Languages and Literature building displaying famous New York authors’ writing spaces.

Washington Irving, Edith Wharton, Zora Neale Hurston and Frank O’Hara are the famous (dead) authors included. All of them have worked in New York at some point in their careers and Ms. Climent tried to depict their desks and libraries. (We hope she’ll never try to recreate our horrific work space here in the bullpen).

Ms. Climent told the New York Times that the university selected three of the authors and asked her to choose three, but stipulated that none could be living. The Times has a slideshow of the panels here, or you can see it in person at NYU’s building at 19 University Place.