Fifth Avenue World’s Third Most Expensive Residential Street

With apartments fetching an average price of $7,500 per square foot, Fifth Avenue ranked third place in a new survey of the top 10 most expensive residential streets in the world from Barclay’s Wealth Bulletin. But if you thought top-tier residential prices in Manhattan were stratospheric, take a look at the two most expensive streets on the survey.

Avenue Princess Grace in Monaco ranked No. 1 in the survey with homes fetching an average of $17,750 a foot.

“Properties on the avenue change hands for up to $41 million – and many of them are fairly modest four-bedroom apartments,” the report said. (Granted, you’re also paying for ocean views and Monte Carlo’s exceedingly amenable tax policies.)

A pad on Hong Kong’s Severn Road will set you back about $11,200 a foot, earning it second place on the list. London’s Kensington Palace Gardens, a.k.a “Billionaires Row,” came in fourth place with an average price of $7,196 a foot, followed by Paris’ Avenue Montaigne at $5,046.