Goodbye to His-and-Hers Whirlpool Baths: A-Rod Lists Trump Park Condo

arod2 Goodbye to His and Hers Whirlpool Baths: A Rod Lists Trump Park CondoThree years ago, during a happier time in Alex Rodriguez’s marriage, the heavy-hitting Yankee third baseman bought a four-bedroom apartment (not counting the maid’s room) at Trump Park Avenue, that beautiful 79-year-old building at 59th Street and, well, Park Avenue.

But times have changed for Mr. Rodriguez, whose wife, Cynthia, accused him of "marital misconduct" in divorce papers filed this July.

So perhaps it’s not a surprise that his Trump Park apartment, which, according to an old listing, has his-and-hers whirlpool baths in the master-bedroom suite, is going to be sold off. A source tells The Real Estate the condo is quietly taking offers at the $13 million mark, although the listing hasn’t officially hit yet.

Adam Modlin, a broker often associated with the baseball player, did not return several e-mails and calls to his office.

On the bright side for Mr. Rodriguez, he reportedly paid only $7.5 million for the apartment—and records suggest the price could have actually been as low as $6,910,000 when it was bought as a sponsor unit. Perhaps the money gained will salve the wounds of love lost?