Ingraham on Iraq Casualties: ‘We’ve Seen Enough of the Horror With the High-Tech Hollywood’

Is Laura Ingraham brushing up on her Baudrillard?

According to Time Magazine’s Swampland blogger Ana Marie Cox, radio host (and Fox News fill-in presenter) Laura Ingraham can’t tell the difference between reality and Hollywood special effects.

Ms. Cox recounts the story of Zoriah Miller, a photographer who lost his embed assignment for posting pictures of Marines killed in Iraq on his Web site. (Note: Link goes to the main page, not the pictures in question.) Mr. Miller appeared on Ms. Ingraham’s show where the host actually questioned the need for any photos from Iraq since, “We’ve seen enough of the horror, with the high-tech Hollywood, okay. We know what it is.”

Quite apart from the Transformers and Mummies at the multiplex, Ms. Ingraham is no stranger to high-tech horrors. So maybe she is also already keenly aware of the devastating results of this war?