Inside the Fox News Green Room in Denver, Close Quarters, Big Stars, and Observer Clumsiness

On Tuesday evening, inside the Pepsi Center in Denver,  the Media Mob had a moment of clumsiness, involving Karl Rove’s laptop computer.

It was a few short hours before Hillary Clinton was to address the delegates. The green room of the Fox News sky box inside the arena was buzzing with activity. Energy was high. The quarters were close.

The Media Mob was sitting on smallish couch conducting an interview with Fox News’ dynamic anchor Megyn Kelly, who is reporting from the floor of the Pepsi Center, throughout the convention. A laptop computer, the screen flipped open, rested on one arm of the couch behind me. 

A few feet away Mitt Romney chatted with Karl Rove. In the corner, a make up artist was applying powder to Rudolf Giuliani’s forehead.

As a staffer passed by the couch, the Media Mob shifted positions, and—ooops!our elbow clipped the laptop behind us, which tumbled off the arm of the couch coming to rest near the small of our back.

The Observer quickly returned the laptop to its perch. Phew! At least it didn’t land of the floor!

Ms. Kelly joked that it was Bill O’Reilly’s laptop.

No, we joked, we were pretty sure it belonged to Mitt Romney.  

In fact, it belonged to Mr. Rove.

A few moments later, the legendary conservative operative turned Fox News political analyst strolled over and retrieved the computer. Afterwards, he stood nearby, balancing the slim laptop on the palm of one hand and tapping away at the keyboard with his other.

Howard Woflson, the legendary liberal operative turned Fox News political analyst approached Mr. Rove.

“You know,” said Mr. Wolfson, “they have these things called Blackberries now.”