Post’s Kornblut Received Apology from Clinton Brass Over ‘Lie’

In a Q&A on The Washington Post‘s Web site today, political reporter Anne Kornblut addresses the “lie” that Clinton campaign spokesman Phil Singer was spreading about her saying that she wound up at The Washington Post because she was fired by The New York Times. We all learned about this tiny bit of gossip from the Joshua Green’s story in the September issue of The Atlantic that featured all those Hillary ’08 internal emails, including one from Post managing editor Phil Bennett complaining that Mr. Singer was making this one up.

Ms. Kornblut says, “It was a very unfortunate incident involving a lie one of the press folks told to undermine a story I had written. I didn’t get an apology from the original source, but the campaign manager, Maggie Williams, offered a very kind one. And my bosses here at The Post were beyond wonderful in backing me up.”