Kate Schelter Says You’ll Be Wearing Peep-Toe Boots This Autumn

As Cityfile first noted this morning, social person Kate Schelter is the newest addition to the Huffington Post’s massive stable of opinion-havers. The inaugural post from Ms. Schelter, who was once suspected of being behind the blog SocialiteRank, is called “The Top 6 Shoe Trends For Fall 2008.”

What’s in Ms. Schelter’s forecast? Black patent T-strap platform sandals (okay), classic pumps (makes sense), animal print pumps (maybe?), and most notably, a wide array of peep-toe boots. Now, we’re inclined to believe that Ms. Schelter knows what she’s talking about when it comes to emerging trends—her eponymous agency specializes in “visionary branding, creative direction, styling, events, and image consulting for an exclusive clientele,” after all!—especially since we’ve certainly noticed peep-toe boots kicking around (heh).

Like their equally inexplicable predecessor, this summer’s unavoidable gladiator sandal, they initially struck us as too impractical, uncomfortable, and eccentric-looking to achieve viability outside the largely impractical, uncomfortable, and eccentric-looking world of people like Ms. Schelter. Wishful thinking, we suppose–the specter of peep-toe boots has been looming over New York for a while now. Following the well-worn path of these kinds of sartorial trends, they were all over the fall 2008 collections, mass-market brands have begun stocking them, and celebrities have been wearing them for a year already. They’re already half-covering the feet of handfuls of nameless Brooklyn hipsters and uptown clotheshorses.

Really, this is less of a newsbreak and more of a surrender–2008 will be the year that peep-toe boots broke. Our only question is this: can you wear them with socks, or are this often soggy city’s fashion warriors willing to risk trench foot for the cause?