LCD Soundsystem Takes Disco to the Road

James Murphy, the pleasantly plump lead singer of electro-rock band LCD Soundsystem, and his drummer Pat Mahoney have been throwing these not-so-secret disco DJ parties at hip new spots like APT and Santos. But now they’re taking their semi-speakeasy parties international with a three-month tour. They’ll play a residency at Santos on Aug. 13, Aug. 27, Sept. 10, Sept. 24, Oct. 8 and Oct. 22. and criss-cross around America and over the pond to London and Tokyo, among other tour spots. 

They’re calling it “Special Disco Version,” the moldy term for a remix.  

“People hear that word disco, and they see bellbottoms and ‘That ’70s Show.’ No, no, no,” Mr. Murphy said in a press statement. “This is real liberation music for people who know where to go. This is the real deal.”

The press release also gives us a little history lesson about disco in New York and what inspires Mr. Murphy as a DJ and DFA Records co-founder.

SDV’s disco is The Bee Gees’ “You Should Be Dancin’,” but not the original: The unreleased dub version. It’s not Studio 54: It’s The Loft, a NYC venue open at the same time, where the music was so much the focus that DJ David Mancuso would let songs finish in silence, rather than mix them into each other, so each could be appreciated on its own. It’s Francis Grasso, the New York DJ who would blend Led Zeppelin and Aretha Franklin during marathon, 12-hour sets, and reportedly lived in his DJ booth at West Side club Salvation. “How punk rock is that?” says Murphy.

Hipsters at the DFA Party at PS 1 on July 26 got a little preview of what these parties will sound like (lots and lots of heavy, bassed-out disco). Mr. Murphy and Mr. Mahoney’s set kept the Czar dancing until her legs felt like jelly, if that’s any indication of what you’re in for. We hope there is an abominable snowman outfitted in neon at every show.

LCD Soundsystem Takes Disco to the Road