Lineup for August 27, 2008

In Denver, Felix Gillette meets MSNBC’s newest star, Rachel Maddow, who tells him, “My agenda for the next two weeks is to enjoy being at the conventions—like, ‘Oh, that’s Joe Biden outside the window! Woo-hoo!’… I’ve never covered a convention before. I’m trying to keep it together and stay relaxed.”

“I don’t like events where there are a gazillion reporters,” The New York Times political reporter Nagourney tells John Koblin at the DNC. “If you come here and David Axelrod came walking down the aisle over there, there’d be 500 people around him, and you’d be getting the most boilerplate quotes. So what’s the point?”

Leon Neyfakh checks in with Mitzi Angel, who recently relocated to New York to head up FSG’s Faber & Faber imprint. Here’s what she says about selling books in England: “You know, where you buy your food—there are these big, huge places where everybody goes to buy their food. And now they also sell books, at huge discounts, and they buy them at huge discounts from publishers. They’re where you buy everything, these huge places—you go for your weekly shopping, and you buy your newspaper there, you buy a book, you buy a saucepan and you buy a kettle and you buy all your food. And most of the books are rubbish.”

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