Lonegan would support McCain ticket with Lieberman or Ridge, but grudgingly

Conservative activist and potential gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan said that he’ll support John McCain for president, even if he picks a pro-choice running mate.

But he hopes it doesn’t come down to that.

“I’m going to support the McCain ticket, but I think that would be another discouragement for conservatives. So I hope he chooses better than that, wiser than that,” said Lonegan. “Barack Obama is way far to the left, but that would just be, I think,a political blunder on McCain’s part. And I think the signal to conservatives, again, is hey we don’t need you or where else are you going to go.”

There’s speculation that McCain could pick Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-D, Conn.) or former Pennsylvania Governor/U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge – both of whom are pro-choice.

Lonegan said he hasn’t thought much about his preference for vice-president, though he thinks former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney would be a good choice.